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Five Healthy Snack Tips For Kids

"Snacks are very important in children's diets. Not only does it help reduce hunger and cravings, but it also provide them with the nutrients and energy they need. Kids are very active and they grow rapidly so they need more nutrients and more smaller meals throughout the day. 

Apart from the three main meals, kids need snacks in between meals and maybe even before bedtime. But here comes the challenge. Even if you're firm about serving your your child healthy snacks, it can really be tough to come up with nutritious snack ideas when all they crave for are candies, chips and other junk. Running out of healthy snack ideas? Let me share to you some healthy snack tips that you can serve to your kids.

1. Serve your kids fruit smoothies instead of regular fruit juices. For most kids, fruits are just more fun when it is served in the form of a smoothie. Well, as an adult, I also find smoothies more interesting and tasty than plain fruit juices. To do this, blend together yogurt, milk, and any combination of fresh fruits such as bananas and strawberries. Toss in a couple of ice cubes to make it even more refreshing. 

2. Keep junk food out of the house. Instead, stack up on organic whole grain snacks such as granola, crackers, rice cakes and baked chips. It is not bad to allow your child to indulge in ice cream, chocolates and greasy, salty chips once in a while, but it is very important to train them to make healthier snack choices while they are still young. If they don't see these junk in your pantry, then your child is less likely to want or crave them. As a parent, you should also set a good example by not eating junk food all the time and by choosing healthy foods for snacks

3. Have your children help you make healthy snacks. You can make sandwiches using whole grain bread and organic spreads together. Give them some cute cookie cutters and let them use it to shape their sandwich. You can also let them make silly faces on a plate using the shaped foods. Be creative. 

4. If you don't have time to prepare a snack, store lots of healthy ready to eat snacks in your pantry. Stock up on organic snack bars. A snack bar is basically a ready to eat snack which has lots of essential vitamin and mineral supplements in them. It may contain apples, oats and other natural ingredients. What's also good about it is that most snack bars sold in organic stores are free of transfats and high fructose corn syrups. They also come in various flavors such as apple, peanut butter, banana that your kids would surely love. 

5. Be creative when incorporating vegetables to their food. I'm sure parents would agree that it is extremely tough to get your child to eat vegetables. One popular way to make them eat their vegetables is by hiding the vegetables. Puree is the magic word. You can easily add in vegetables into their favorite food such as macaroni and cheese or dumplings without them knowing it. I know it's quite a shady technique, but if it can help you feed more vegetables to your child then go ahead puree 'em veggies!"

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