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Does Fish Oil Lower Blood Pressure Or Is This Merely Another Website Marketing Scheme?

"The world wide web surely one of the world's greatest inventions, and it's easy to see why some individuals call it The Information Super Highway. Let's face the facts; when you need information on something, the world wide web can provide you with it within just a few seconds. On the downside, a person often has to trawl through tons of pages before you actually locate content that has bona fide value.

Certainly I do fail from time to time, nonetheless I actually do my best to only write articles that are in line with reliable evidence offered by a variety of health establishments throughout the world. I don't regurgitate what many online marketers publish on their web pages, because I have simply no desire to confuse consumers, and particularly when their health is at stake.

Now, we've all read that fish oil is a marvelous source of omega-3 fatty acids, and that frequent consumption of quality fish oil could go very far in helping to avoid heart attacks. Even the FDA advocates it, as do nearly all international health organizations. We likewise know that the omega-3 fatty acids in fish oil thin blood. For this reason you shouldn't take fish oil supplements if you're using a number of drugs that are made to thin your blood.

It helps to keep you protected from heart attacks; it may help to bring down bad cholesterol, but does omega3 reduce blood pressure? According to a journal which is offered by the United States National Library of Medicine, it definitely does lower blood pressure. This finding is the consequence of 31 placebo controlled studies that were conducted at the Department of Epidemiology at Harvard School of Public Health.

These tests involved 1365 people, and they were undertaken under strict conditions. The experts noted that in all testing, apart from those that involved subjects with atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease, there was a notable reduction in blood pressure, and the reduction was sensitive to dosage. There was also a decrease in blood pressure among people with atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease, however it was not quite as noteworthy.

Now, experts at Harvard have no reason to be discriminatory. If anything, I believe quite a few of them would have been happier if the tests proved fish oil cannot really lower a person's blood pressure. These are medical experts, and medical specialists prefer pharmaceutical drugs as opposed to homeopathic treatments.

If these professionals tell us fish oil is an excellent tool for keeping one's blood pressure in balance, then I definitely believe them. Does omega3 bring down blood pressure enough to make it possible for those with high blood pressure to come off their present medication? Considering that I'm not a doctor, I would rather not answer such a question, but if you are presently on drugs for your blood pressure, you may wish to discuss your options with your family doctor."

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