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Fat Loss Tips For The More Mature Person

"Do you know why people tend to gain weight as they age? Health and fitness experts explain that as we age we lose approximately six ounces or half a pound of muscle each year. As a consequence our metabolism slows down which means that less fat is being burnt. Do not lose hope, however. There are time-proven ways of stopping this biological aging process and even reversing it. With a little effort we can and we should rekindle our dwindling metabolic furnaces.

The following will awaken your sluggish metabolism which will in turn burn off the fat that we all hate so much:

Interval training is a physical fitness routine in which spurts of high-intensity exercises are intermingled with low impact aerobics at consistent intervals. To rev up your fat burning process you need only to increase the frequency of the high-intensity exercises and lengthen the overall physical fitness routine.

Weight training is the most effective way to rapidly burn fat. Exercise physiologists have proven that a pound of muscle burns as much as nine times the calories of a pound of fat. Lifting weights will amplify our resting metabolic rate which translates to the number of calories you burn while doing absolutely nothing. In addition, weight training energizes your metabolism to continue working at it peak for approximately two hours after you have stopped your training.

The most wonderful features of our bodies are their abilities to adapt and overcome challenges and adversities. When it comes to metabolism and physical activities, however, adaptability is not all that wonderful. Once your body becomes accustomed to a specific exercise, the exercise loses its effectiveness and burns less fat. It is therefore advisable to alternate your routines on a regular basis and to periodically increase each routine's intensity.

You will never be able to perform the exercises addressed above if you do not fuel your body properly. Permit me to offer a few crucial tips:

Eat frequently and do not skip meals! When deprived of food, your body will instinctively go into a life-sustaining mode by slowing down its metabolism to conserve the fat that it may require to prolong life. In other words, your body will burn less fat. So, eat frequently and do not skip meal; especially breakfast. Numerous studies show that our metabolisms slow down when we are asleep, and eating breakfast and the process of its digestion reawakens our metabolism to work at its best during the rest of the day.

Stay away from trans fats! According to the Harvard School of Public Health, metabolic studies show trans fats to have harmful effects such as increasing the LDL (bad) cholesterol and, at the same time, decreasing the HDL (good) cholesterol. Other studies have shown that trans fats are significant contributors to heart disease, cancer, diabetes, immune system disorders and, of course, obesity.

Be good to your body and discover all you can about losing fat, and it will make you proud."

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