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Different Cells Producing Leukemia

"All over the world in every year more than 100 000 people fall prey to leukemia, which is a malignant cancer, and about 10 000 to 20 000 patients of them are children.Leukemia starts and spreads in the blood and marrow.Leukemia can be acute and chronic, myelogenous and lymphocytic the last two indicate the cells types involved.

The cancer is called lymphocytic leukemia when in blood can be found a lot of  the case of myelogenouse leukemia, granulocytes or monocytes are the white blood cells that are multiplying.Lymphocytic leukemia and myelogenouse leukemia can be acute and  difference among acute and chronic leukemia is the development of the cells and the progress  acute leukemia progress quickly and contains immature and functionless cells in marrow and blood, but the chronic leukemia is very slow and the cells are often mature and functionally active.

The production of normal red and white blood cells and platelets almost ceases because the cells of the marrow grow in an uncontrolled  this point of view the anemia can develop in the patient because the blood becomes deficient of red blood  the lack of white cells which helps in fighting against infections lead to deteriorate the body's immune  the platelets can vanish from blood and marrow because the bleeding rate increases.Among the causes which lead to the appearance of the leukemia are the pollution, toxic chemicals, radiations,hereditary.

The symptoms are different from patient to -by-day the immune system of the patient deteriorates, so at the patient appear an discomfort and fatigue, abnormal bleeding, enlarged spleen, fever, chill, flu-like condition, weight loss, problems with appetite, petechiae formation on tiny red spots under the skin, swollen, painful and bleeding gums, swelling of digestive tracks, testicles.Other patients with leukemia can have sores in the eyes, frequent headaches, vomiting.Fortunately leukemia can be treated and the common treatments are chemoterapy and radiation.

The most aggressive treatment against leukemia is the Stem Cell Transplant which can be done from two  the first mode from the patient are taken and preserved the Stem Cells which are returned the patient,only after the cancer cells had killed by using chemotherapy or radiation  other technique is about the replacing of new and healthy Stem Cells with the damaged bone marrow cells of patient.

Day by day the researches are working hard to discover the principal cause of leukemia and to find the best treatment for the people with leukemia."

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