Natural Penis Enlargement Choices

Men seem obsessed with the size of their penis and keep worrying about it. They compare their size with others and discuss on ways and means of enhancing it. From time immemorial men have always tried natural methods, pills and potions and even surgery to increase the length and the girth of their penises.

While there is no real guarantee of any of these methods succeeding, many have reported to have succeeded. Exercises are one of the methods of increasing the size naturally. A few simple exercises and techniques every day are supposed to be beneficial. These exercises take just a few minutes. And they are supposed to be hundred percent natural and permanent. team says they are constantly studying and researching these exercises and techniques and report that their methods succeed and the size increases by one to three inches, some even three and a half inches. They claim that these exercises are safe, natural and effective and the results can be seen within two to three weeks. One has to do them regularly for good results.

PenisAdd is another free online portal which gives exercises and suggestions which can increase the penile size and girth. This portal suggests three main techniques. Jelq, dry milking and PC or Kegels are some of the well-known penis enlargement exercises. They result in enlargement of the penis by one inch or more, depending on the amount of exercise done. Fifteen to thirty minutes of exercise ever day may result in a thicker, bigger, healthier penis. The portal has been giving advice and receiving good feedback of the last ten years or so. Hundreds of men have declared their satisfaction using these methods.

Project P is another method of penis enlargement with exercise techniques which is said to really work. It promises an enlargement of three to four inches without recourse to surgery, devices or pills. bodybuilding through exercises is a safe method to improve health, fitness and strength of one?s body and as penis in a part of the body, exercises will improve the health and fitness, besides size and girth. They respond to exercises. The on-line exercise program has informative exercise manuals with written instructions, photographs and video clippings which assist and guide the user on every step. These video cassettes and CD ROMs which demonstrate the exercises are also available on Mail Order.

SizeGenetics is my recommended method of penis enlargement. It involves the use of a penis enlargement device but is completely natural and does not cause pain, discomfort or any known side effects. It works on principles that tribes in Africa and the amazon have been employing for centuries and while it will not bring overnight results, it is safe natural and reliable.
There are several other on-line portals which suggest exercises to get proper and satisfactory results. One has to be consistent and regular if one wants good results.

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